International Transformer PCB Mount

WorldPower Series PCB Mount PCL2

PowerVolt world power series PCB Mount PCL2 transformers are designed to meet class 2. They are inherently or non-inherently limited. Available as chassis mount or printed circuit mount. Power rating 2.5VA to 50VA. Class F insulation (155).

Product Features

  • Power Rating 2.5VA to 50VA
  • Dielectric strength - 4000VRMS
  • Primaries - Dual primaries (115/230V - 50/60Hz)
  • Secondaries - Single secondaries
  • Class 2 Rating - Inherently or non-inherently limited (see secondary fuse requirements in Standard Models table below)
  • Electrosatic Shield - Not required, dual bobbin
  • Insulation - Class F insulation (155o)
  • Flammability Rating - Bobbin/Shroud UL 94V0
  • Designed to meet Class II
  • CE marked

Transformers are designed to meet Class II. They are inherently or non-inherently limited. Available as chassis mount or Printed Circuit mount.

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoSecondary RMS RatingSecondery Fuse Reqd.Data Sheet 
PCL2-2.5-1212V @ .20AN/A*-Nil-Check Price
PCL2-2.5-2424V @ .10AN/A*-Nil-Check Price
PCL2-5.0-1212V @ .42AN/A*-Nil-Check Price
PCL2-5.0-2424V @ .20AN/A*-Nil-Check Price
PCL2-10-1212V @ .83AN/A*-Nil-Check Price
PCL2-10-2424V @ .42AN/A*-Nil-Check Price
PCL2-20-1212V @ 1.66AN/A*-Nil-Check Price
PCL2-20-2424V @ .833AN/A*-Nil-Check Price
PCL2-30-1212V @ 2.50A3.0A**-Nil-Check Price
PCL2-30-2424V @ 1.25AN/A*-Nil-Check Price
PCL2-50-1212V @ 4.20A5.0A**-Nil-Check Price
PCL2-50-2424V @ 2.10A2.5A**-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

2.51.62" 41.3mm1.31" 33.3mm1.12" 28.6mm0.200" 5.1mm0.250" 6.4mm1.000" 25.4mm0.025" 0.64mm1.06 26.9mm- -- -#420.25lbs 0.11kg
5.01.62" 41.3mm1.31" 33.3mm1.37" 34.9mm0.200" 5.1mm0.400" 10.2mm1.000" 25.4mm0.025" 0.64mm1.06 26.9mm- -- -#420.37lbs 0.17kg
10.01.87" 47.6mm1.56" 39.7mm1.37" 34.9mm0.200" 5.1mm0.400" 10.2mm1.140" 29.0mm0.038" 0.97mm1.25 31.8mm- -- -#420.53lbs 0.24kg
20.02.25" 57.2mm1.87" 47.6mm1.62" 41.3mm0.400" 10.2mm0.400" 10.2mm1.460" 37.1mm0.038" 0.97mm1.50 38.1mm- -- -#420.90lbs 0.41kg
30.02.62" 66.7mm2.18" 55.5mm1.56" 39.7mm0.550" 13.9mm0.275" 7.0mm1.680" 42.7mm0.405" 1.14mm- -1.75 44.4mm2.18 55.5mm#641.15lbs 0.52kg
50.03.00" 76.2mm2.50" 63.5mm1.81" 46.0mm0.600" 15.2mm0.300" 7.6mm1.900" 48.3mm0.405" 1.14mm- -2.00" 50.8mm2.50 60.35mm#641.70lbs 0.77kg