Power Supplies

StepperPowerTM STP

PowerVolt is a manufacturer of unregulated linear open frame DC Power Supplies. Fully compatible with applied motion products stepping motors and servo motors. Integral motor (35vdc) and logic (5Vdc ± 5%) power. Dual 120VAC to 240VAC switch-selectable input voltage.

Product Features

  • Fully compatible with Applied Motion Products (and other) stepping motor
  • motor drivers
  • Integral motor (35Vdc) and logic (5Vdc ± 5%) power
  • Space saving compact modules provide mounting studs for motor drivers
  • Dual 120/240V switch-selectable input voltage
  • Power-on LEDs, screw terminal connections
  • Ideal for use with A.M.P step motor drives 1335, 2035, 2035 O, 3535, 3535 O,
  • 3540M or 3540MO
  • Safety Agency Approvals STP Series:                                                                                                                                                                                                         -UL 1950, third edition, File #E181899
    -CSA, C22.2 No.950, File #E181899
    -CE Marked

    Input Power:
    120/240VAC ± 10%, 50/60Hz.
    Switch-selectable. Factory set at 240V input.
    Screw terminals.
    Storage Temperature:
    - 55°C to + 85°C.
    Operating Temperature:
    0 - 50°C at full rated load, derate linearly 20% up to 70°C maximum.
    95% Non-condensing relative humidity maximum.
    Cooling Method:
    Natural convection; allow unrestricted air flow for optimum operation.
    4 each 0.213"dia holes, use #8 or #10 screws; Black anodized chassis.
    Agency Approvals:
    UL, CSA approved; CE marked.

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoApproximate No Load (VDC)Approximate Under Load (VDC)Logic PowerData Sheet 
STP-32XXX442V32V @ 4A5V ± 5% @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
STP-35XXX2.542V35V @ 2.5A5V ± 5% @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
STP-35XXX542V35V @ 5A5V ± 5% @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
STP-48XXX558V48V @ 5A5V ± 5% @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
STP-48XXX1058V48V @ 10A5V ± 5% @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
STP-70XXX587V70V @ 5A5V ± 5% @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

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