Compact Transformers

RectiZpower RP, DRP

24V High Isolation Compact Transformers includes 10Volts, 12Volts, 16Volts, 20Volts, 24Volts, 28Volts, 36Volts, 48Volts, 56Volts and 120Volts. Single Primary of 24VAC with multiple outputs. Termination include Solder lugs, Quick Connects or lead wires. Operating Frequency 50-500Hz. Designed to meet UL/CSA. Best used for low-Voltage Isolation circuits. Customization to Standard products available upon request, High efficiency, Split Bobbin for High Isolation.

Product Features

  •     Ideal for rectifier application
  •     Single 115V or dual 115/230V, 50/60Hz Primary
  •     High isolation - 1500Vrms Hipot
  •     Two separate center-tapped secondaries for series or parallel connections
  •     American and Canadian Agency Approvals

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoPrimary VoltagePrimary HzSecondary RMS Rating (Series)Secondary RMS Rating (Parallel)Mtg StyleLWHMLMWMtg Screw Weight LbsData Sheet 
RP-12-1Single 115V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 1A6.4VCT @ 2AC2.8752.002.3132.375-#81.2-Nil-Check Price
DRP-12-1Dual 115/230V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 1A6.4VCT @ 2AC2.8752.002.3132.375-#81.2-Nil-Check Price
RP-12-2Single 115V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 2A6.4VCT @ 4AB3.002.502.502.502.00#82.5-Nil-Check Price
DRP-12-2Dual 115/230V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 2A6.4VCT @ 4AB3.002.502.502.502.00#82.5-Nil-Check Price
RP-12-4Single 115V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 4A66.4VCT @ 8AB3.002.8752.502.502.375#83.0-Nil-Check Price
DRP-12-4Dual 115/230V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 4A66.4VCT @ 8AB3.002.8752.502.502.375#83.0-Nil-Check Price
RP-12-6Single 115V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 6A6.4VCT @ 12AB3.3753.0632.8132.8132.50#84.0-Nil-Check Price
DRP-12-6Dual 115/230V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 6A6.4VCT @ 12AB3.3753.0632.8132.8132.50#84.0-Nil-Check Price
RP-12-8Single 115V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 8A6.4VCT @ 16AB3.753.1253.1253.1252.25#84.5-Nil-Check Price
DRP-12-8Dual 115/230V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 8A6.4VCT @ 16AB3.753.1253.1253.1252.25#84.5-Nil-Check Price
RP-12-12Single 115V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 12A6.4VCT @ 24AB4.1253.253.4383.4382.375#106.0-Nil-Check Price
DRP-12-12Dual 115/230V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 12A6.4VCT @ 24AB4.1253.253.4383.4382.375#106.0-Nil-Check Price
RP-12-25Single 115V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 25A6.4VCT @ 50AB5.254.254.3754.3752.875#1012.5-Nil-Check Price
DRP-12-25Dual 115/230V50/60 Hz12.8VCT @ 25A6.4VCT @ 50AB5.254.254.3754.3752.875#1012.5-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

No mechanical dimensions available