Compact Transformers

PowerZtran PP and DPP

High Isolation Compact Transformers includes 10V, 12V, 16V, 20V, 24V, 28V, 36V, 48V, 56V, 120V Voltages. Operating Frequency 50-500Hz. PP series with Single primary 115VAC, DPP Series with Dual primaries 115/230VAC, Customization to standard products available upon request. Output Voltage include 10VAC, 12VAC, 16VAC, 20VAC, 24VAC, 28VAC, 36VAC, 48VAC, 56VAC and 120VAC. UL506, UL5085-2 approved.

Product Features

  • High power density, same power in half the size
  • High grade laminations assure higher efficiency
  • Bobbin winding allows compact size
  • Split bobbin, low capacitive coupling; No electrostatic shield required
  • High isolation - 2500Vrms Hipot
  • 115V or 115/230V, 50/60Hz primaries
  • Solder/quick connect terminals
  • Class B insulation - 130°C continuous
  • American and Canadian Agency Approvals

Please select desired output voltage below:

SelectPart NoPrimary VoltageSecondary RMS Rating Data Sheet 
PP-3-48Single 115V48VCT @ 0.05A-Nil-Check Price
PP-4-48Single 115V48VCT @ 0.125A-Nil-Check Price
PP-5-48Single 115V48VCT @ 0.25A-Nil-Check Price
PP-6-48Single 115V48VCT @ 0.63A-Nil-Check Price
PP-7-48Single 115V48VCT @ 1.2A-Nil-Check Price
PP-8-48Single 115V48VCT @ 2.0A-Nil-Check Price
DPP-4-48Dual 115/230V48VCT @ 0.125A-Nil-Check Price
DPP-5-48Dual 115/230V48VCT @ 0.25A-Nil-Check Price
DPP-6-48Dual 115/230V48VCT @ 0.63A-Nil-Check Price
DPP-7-48Dual 115/230V48VCT @ 1.2A-Nil-Check Price
DPP-8-48Dual 115/230V48VCT @ 2.0A-Nil-Check Price
Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

32.42.0631.063 1.1881.6250.5631.7500.25
462.375 1.2501.3751.6880.688 2.0000.44
5 122.8131.3751.6251.9380.813 2.3750.70
6303.2501.6881.9382.3131.063 2.8131.10
8100 4.0312.252.5633.0631.3133.5632.75